Financial information

Publication of information regarding capital adequacy, referring to the Swedish Alternative Investment Funds Managers Act, AIFMA, Chapter 7, sections 1–5.

Figures for NORAMA ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENTS AB per 31 March 2019. Amount in SEK thousands

Share capital: 1,500
Profit brought forward: 1,938
Profit for the period: 1,126
Deduction of non-included interim profit: 0
Additional 78% of untaxed reserves: 0
Deduction of intangible assets: 0
Capital base: 4,564

Capital adequacy requirement
Capital adequacy requirement for the company should be the highest of the two calculations below:

Capital adequacy requirement 1
Start capital (EUR 125,000): 1,166
+0,02% of AUM exceeding EURO 250 billion: 0
Retention insurance: 500
Total: 1,666

Capital adequacy requirement 2
25% of fixed costs for the company, previous year: 2,901
Retention insurance: 500
Total: 3,401

Capital base: 4,564
Capital adequacy requirement: -3,401
Margin capital: 1,163

Capital ratio (capital base in relation to capital adequacy requirement) 1.34


Norama Real Estate Annual Financial Report 2018