NORAMA ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENTS AB is registered with the Swedish Companies Register, number 556958-4138, and was authorized by the Swedish financial supervisory authority Finansinspektionen, FI, on 7 March 2016.

Laws and regulations

The Directive 2011/61/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 8 June 2011 on alternative investment fund managers and the Commission Delegated Regulation 2013/231/EU of 9 December 2012 create obligations for Alternative Investment Fund Managers, AIFMs, and have been implemented in the Swedish legal framework by the Swedish Alternative Investment Funds Managers Act, AIFMA, (2013:561 – LAIF) and its related regulations: the Swedish financial supervisory authority Finansinspektionen’s Regulations regarding Alternative Investment Fund Managers (FFFS 2013:10), which NORAMA ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENTS AB, as an AIFM, must comply with.

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2017-03-28 Acknowledgement of marketing EES-based AIF to professional investors in Sweden
2017-03-28 Acknowledgement of trans-border marketing within EES
2016-03-07 Acknowledgement of trans-border asset management within EES
2016-03-07 Licence to perform fund operations according to LAIF
2016-03-07 Fund strategies for Real Estate Funds

NORAMA ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENTS AB is authorized to actively market the fund in Austria, Germany, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Luxembourg and the UK.

Internal control environment

Petra Ranger has 15 years of experience in banking at Sparbanken Öresund e.g. credit management, bank lawyer in the area of family law. Bachelor of Laws, L.L.B at University of Lund, Sweden. Certified business advisor by SwedSec in 2014. Phone: +46 733 44 05 33
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NORAMA ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENTS AB is the risk manager of the Norama Real Estate Fund, S.C.A. SICAV-SIF. Kjell Rudsby is responsible for the company’s internal risk management work. Kjell has more than 25 years of experience in the financial sector.

Phone: +46 708 17 84 40
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NORAMA ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENTS AB has outsourced part of the risk management services to FCG Fonder AB (Second line). FCG is one of the Nordic region’s leading independent consulting companies focusing on financial compliance, risk management and business management. Mikael Olausson is in charge of FCG’s operations with NORAMA ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENTS AB.
Phone: +46 76 639 48 43
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PwC Sweden (Malmö/Stockholm),

(Not a part of the company’s internal control environment.)
Per Karlsson
EY, partner and regional manager Malmö, EY, and member of the Disciplinary Board of FAR
Phone: +46 431-41 78 55 | +46 70-689 78 55
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If you have a complaint about our products or services, please describe the matter as thoroughly as possible below to our compliance officer Petra Ranger, and we will do our utmost to meet your needs. We will respond to you as soon as possible, within two weeks at the latest.

Compliance officer: Petra Ranger